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Compare the Market Meerkat Toys

Compare the Market Meerkat toys have been a huge sensation and very much a collectors item. The comparison website rewards you with one of the  Soft toys when you take out an insurance policy with them. However do not fear there are other ways of purchasing your favourite toy and we will explain in more detail on this website. If you have arrived here looking to buy a Meerkat toy then you have come to the right place. Perhaps you just want some information on there value? Maybe you want to know more about each individual toy? This website has been created as an unofficial fan page and guide. We have gathered as much information as possible from around the internet and placed it all here in our easy to use website. Please take a look around we have tried to make it “SIMPLES”

Where can you buy Compare the Market Meerkat Toys?

There are numerous places you can buy the collectible Meerkat toys, you can check your local for sale sites, Gumtree, Facebook, classifieds. You can check our site for Ebay and Amazon listings also.

What Meerkat Toys are there to collect

In total so far there are 9 official Compare the Meerkat toys to collect they are, Sergei, Oleg, Aleksandr, Safari baby Oleg, Yakov, Bogdan, Vassily, Maiya and a special agent Maiya

What are the Meerkat Toys worth/value

Each collectible toy has a different value some are limited editions so are more valuable please visit our meerkats profiles below to view their value or worth.

Where can I buy a full set of Meerkat Toys?

If you are looking to buy a full set of Meerkat Toys from Compare the Market you can try listings on Ebay below.