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Aleksandr Orlov Meerkat is the Chief Executive Officer and founder of the Compare the Meerkat website. Although he is a talented vocalist and actor, he decided to follow in his ancestors paw steps and took over the family business. He helps people compare Meerkats and writes very interesting books which are also available over to buy on the interwebs!
Past jobs:
Author: A Simples Life
Author: Meerkat Tales
Actor, writer, Director.
Fencing, Golf, Archery


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If you are too impatient to wait for Aleksandr, then you can head on aver to and buy him straight away there are many listings from honest reliable sellers. Amazon is a 100% Guaranteed safe secure way to buy your Alexandr soft toy. You can read consumer reviews also here and see what other people who have bought him have to say here are a few:

“Perfect, and was exactly as described”

“Aleksandr is my favorite Meerkat, I ordered on the Monday and he was delivered by Thursday, he came well packaged and complete and is now a member of the family! My children love him”

“Awesome seller”

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We recommend purchasing your Aleksandr toy from Ebay, Ebay is the safest and most secure option where you can also get him for a bargain price if your willing to look around, Don’t waste any more time check out the listings below!

When you purchase Aleksandr always make sure he is boxed, comes with a certificate of Authenticity and has the ear tag attached firmly to his ear. Try to read the listings and make sure he comes from a pet free smoke free home after all he is a collectible of the future and could one day be very valuable

What is the value of Aleksandr? What is Aleksandr Meerkat Toy Worth?

Aleksandr generally sells for around £8 – £20 on Ebay. If you are buying always remember to stay in control of your bidding set an amount and stick to it, place bids at the very end of the auction by entering the max amount you want to spend, for Aleksandr we recommend budgeting no more than £20 but try to get him for around £9

Aleksandr Orlov Videos

“The Journey of Courageousness”

“The Battle of Fearlessness”

“Latest Aleksandr Commercial”

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