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Bogdan is the happy little Meerkat who is at the Meerkovo Primary school. Although Bogdan is a very clever Meerkat he prefers to be mischievous and climb trees and is always getting into trouble at school his dad is the famous Meerkat racing car driver FURnando Alonso.

Past jobs:

Student: Meerkovo Primary School


Playing Football, Climbing Trees, Digging for grubs and sleigh racing.

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When buying the Bogdan Meerkat toy make sure he has not been taken out of the box and comes with the Certificate of authenticity and complete with the ear tag still attached.

What is the value of the Bogdan Meerkat Toy

Bogdan can fetch anywhere between £6 and £20 this coming from completed lisitng in Ebay. We recommend spending around £12 to buy a complete and good quality Bogdan Toy. Please remember to stay sensible when bidding and try to bid at the last few seconds of the auction.

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