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It was only a matter of time before insurance released this popular little robot character as a toy. The demand for a Brian the Robot toy has been huge, and no confused have released him onto the market.

Brian is the Robot on a mission to save you money, and the latest advert shows Brian being kidnapped by scrap dealers. Instead of just melting him down for metal they have left him hanging from a magnet! Brians friends which no doubt will be released as robot toys at some point, are aware of his capture and have received his distress call. What will happen next? Oh by the way did I mentioned he speaks some of his famous phrases by pulling the toggle on the back! COOL!

Buy Brian the Robot Toy from Amazon

If you are not comfortable buying from somewhere like Facebook or Ebay then you can purchase your Brian the Robot Toy right now from Amazon the worlds safest and most secure shopping marketplace. You can also read customer reviews and see what other people are saying about this toy!

“it was the perfect gift for my brother he is in a nursing home and this cheered him up”

“Brian sent promptly, seller very efficient and my mum very happy – thank you!”

Buy Brian the Robot Toy from Ebay

You can view some of the listings below for purchasing from Ebay, Please keep a budget in mind and never go over your limit when bidding! Your Brian Toy should be an authentic talking robot, complete with the box and certifate. Make sure you check feedback and the authenticity before purchase.

Brian the Robot Toy value/worth

Brians value has dropped at the moment as there have been more Confused toys released, this is not to say he will not be a valuable collectible of the future. At present expect to pay anywhere between £8 and £25

Brian the Robot Toy Videos

“Brian captured by Scrap Dealers”

“#helpbrian advert”

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