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Mog the Cat was a limited edition toy that Sainsburys released on to their shelves just before Christmas 2015 from the popular TV advert campaign they ran. Unbeknown to Sainsbury’s the cat was to be a huge hit with customers selling out rapidly and announcing they would not be producing any more.

Fanatic Shoppers bought tens of thousands of the toys just before Christmas for £10 and the book called Mog’s Christmas Calamity by the popular author Judith Kerr for just £3, the profits from this went to save the children.

The cute cuddly soft Mog the cat toy from Sainsburys accompanied the hit advert shows, Mog the Cat “Save Christmas” “After wrecking it’s owners home” You can view this Advert below.

Buy Sainsburys Mog the Forgetful Cat Toy on Ebay

Prices are now dropping for Mog the Forgetful Cat Toy on Ebay and you should be able to pick one up a little cheaper than at Christmas last year, just always remember to stay in control of your bidding and keep a set amount in mind and stick to it.

Buy Sainsburys Mog the Forgetful Cat Toy on Amazon

If you don’t like the idea of bidding, and you’re in a rush to buy sainsbury’s mog the forgetful cat, You can always check out the link below. Amazon is the worlds biggest, most secure and safest marketplace.

What is the value of Sainsburys Mog the Forgetful Cat Toy

Just before Christmas some people were paying around £100 but the prices have dropped now the demand has dropped, which is not to say the Cat won’t be a lot more valuable in the future. It is a limited edition after all! The average selling price of mog the cat is around £30.

Mog the Forgetful Cat Video’s

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