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Little Neil has shot to fame since Sofaworks launched him as a marketing campaign, and he has very much become the most loved sloth in the world.

This loveable lazy sloth is named Neal, but it is commonly mispelt Neil. He spends all his time “slothing” around on the sofa!

There is not much to tell you about the character other than everyone wants to own him and he is now in very high demand.

You can own your very own Neal Sloth plush toy by reading on.

The Neil Sloth Toy is a limited edition toy and won’t be available forever. There are 2 versions of the toy to collect so far, and perhaps some more available in future. Sofaworks are a Sofa and Chair company who created the toys as part of an ad campaign.

Buy Little Neal Sloth Toy from Ebay

There are many limited Neil Sloth Soft toys listed on Ebay for you to browse through. View Little Neal Sloth toys for Sale on ebay andVisit the listings below and grab a bargain now, Ebay is the best way to buy a sloth toy without having to purchase a whole sofa.

When you buy your little Neal sloth toy you should be sure to check that he comes with his certificate of slothenticity (authenticity) and is in the best possible condition for the price you are willing to pay.

Buy Little Neal Sloth Toy from Amazon

You can purchase your Little Neal Sloth Toy from Amazon however you will expect to pay a little more for using the worlds most secure and safe market place. You can also read customer reviews on little Neil and see what others had to say!

What is the value of Little Neal soft toy

The original Little Neil Sloth toy is currently selling for around £40 upwards to £75

The christmas limited edition neal toy is currently selling for around £50 upwards to £100

Both are limited edition toys and will be collectibles of the future.

Little Neal Videos.

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