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Miss Herbert & Stunt Herbert are part of the Confused.com Toy range, released as promotional material and a TV Campaign to promote their comparison website. They are all friends with Brian the Robot. After the successful release of Brian the robot, they have now released limited edition Miss Herbert & Stunt Herbert toys, which you can either get from ordering through the confused website or by purchasing from Ebay.

Stunt Herbert Robot Toy ConfusedStunt Herbert is the most daring, and toughest of the Herberts. He has a spatula for an arm which he lost playing table tennis, and is the robot you call when you have a tough job!

He likes breaking everything!


miss herbert confused robot toyMiss Herbert is Sweet, pretty and sparkles! But don’t be mislead by her cute robot exterior she’s as tough as old boots and helps keep all the robots in line!

She likes roller skating, Taking posing selfies and keeping the robots in line!


Buy Miss Herbert & Stunt Herbert Confused Robot Toys from Ebay

Bidding wars have started to be one of the first in the UK to get your hand on these cute collectible robots from the Confused.com adverts on the tele! You’ve all seen Brian The Robot and you no doubt probably own him already, so now is the time to get your bids in on Ebay. Check out the listings below and Buy Miss Herbert & Stunt Herbert Confused Robot Toys today!

What is the value of Miss Herbert & Stunt Herbert Confused Robot Toys

At present people are paying from between £50 and £100 to own one of these Herbert Robot Toys, Miss Herbert seems to be a little bit more valuable at the moment as she seems more rare but I am sure things will change in time. Stunt Herbert seems to be slightly cheaper but not by much just a few pound. Value at the moment is what people are willing to pay and how far they will go to compete to own one of these Compare Robot Toys.

Miss Herbert & Stunt Herbert Video’s

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