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Oleg Is the baby of the Meerkats and is from Africa. His Favorite toy is Mr Safari Oleg Meerkat toyGrub and he is messy and loud. Safari Oleg is limited edition and will come wearing the zebra onesie and a fresh nappy! They have taken Baby Oleg on a journey to his homeland, however he is only a baby meerkat so they have wrote a journal to give to him when he grows into a teenage Meerkat. You can view that journal at

Past jobs:
NA. Baby Oleg is to young to have any jobs!
Crying very loud, and making a mess.

The Safari Baby oleg is only available from the compare the meerkat website until February 2015 and is a limited edition version of the toy. You can however continue to buy safari oleg from the places we explain below. We would recommend you buy Safari Oleg soon before this date as we imagine the prices will rocket sky high again with him not being available!

UPDATE* Safari Oleg is now happy at home in Africa, and this means that the limited edition Meerkat will soon be discontinued. Prices are set to rise again for this meerkat toy, and talks of the whole Meerkat campaign coming to an end in the near future. Now is the time to invest before prices rise!

Buy Safari Oleg Baby Toy From Ebay

There are many limited edition baby Oleg toys listed on Ebay for you to browse through, the prices have just dropped substantially so now is the right time to buy. View Safari Oleg toys for Sale now and visit the listings below and grab a bargain now, Ebay is the cheapest place to get your Safari Oleg.

Buy Safari Oleg Baby Toy From Amazon

Asides from Ebay you can also purchase Baby Oleg Safari edition from You can also read product reviews about baby Oleg from other happy customers. We only ever recommend completely safe ways of buying the Meerkat toys and both Amazon and Ebay alike are 100% safe and guaranteed to protect the buyer in case of any disputes. Here’s what some happy customers had to say:

“I have just received Safari Oleg and I have to say he is even more adorable than the original. I bought this as a Christmas present but I just don’t know if I can part with him”
“The new Safari Oleg came 2 days after I purchased him and I have
to say I was pleasently surprised at the quality. My kids have collected
the other meerkat toys and was nagging me for him, so I eventually gave in,
he is a limited edition so he was worth the extra. He is small but as expected
from a baby meerkat! They were so happy he was supposed to be a Christmas
present but they couldn’t wait!”

“Excellent I will cherish him forever LOL”

“Now I have the complete collection, baby safari oleg is my favorite so far!”

“Love him he fits perfectly with the others, great quality and super fast delivery”

What is Safari Oleg Toy Worth?

Up until a few weeks ago the limited edition Safari Oleg toy was fetching around £75 on ebay however prices have now dropped and you is worth between £20 and £40. If you are buying always remember to stay in control of your bidding set an amount and stick to it, place bids at the very end of the auction by entering the max amount you want to spend, For this toy budget around £20 – £30.

When you buy your Safari Baby Oleg limited edition toy it should come boxed, with an ear tag, and certificate of Authenticity. Always keep the documents that come with your Meerkat as should you wish to sell him this will increase his value and prove he is authentic


Safari Oleg Video’s

“Olegs Journey to Africa”

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