Sergei Meerkat Toy

Sergei Meerkat Toy

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Sergei is head of IT at Compare the Meerkat and is around 77 years old. Sergei Meerkat ToyWhat he doesn’t have in Social skills he more than makes up for in IT skills. His skills include making tea, mixing rocket fuel, Unclogging pipes and uploading the Meerkats

Past jobs:

Soviet Space Station : Head of Principle design
Meerkovo Meertronics: Technician
Meerkat Tales: Sergeis Space Adventure


Calculating, Tetris, World Of Meerkats, Crosswords and listening to Dolly Parton.


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Heres what a few people are saying about the Sergei Collectable Meerkat toy.

“Sergei who comes with all the comical documentation was bought for me as a present and I was so grateful to receive him. The plush toy is of a very high standard and the clothing is of an exceptional quality. The glasses are securely fixed to his cute little head. 100% happy.”

“Sergei is just adorable”

“My wife was so happy with the Official Sergei toy, except now she wants to collect them all. Came well packaged with free delivery”

What is the value of Sergei Meerkat Toy?

Sergei generally sells for around £8 – £20 on Ebay. If you are buying always remember to stay in control  of your bidding set an amount and stick to it, place bids at the very end of the auction by entering the max amount you want to spend, for Sergei we would recommend bidding around £8 and a buy it now of £15.

When buying a Sergei toy make sure it comes with the box, ear tag and a Certificate of Authenticity along with his glasses firmly attached to his head!

Videos of Sergei

Sergei Featuring in the “Tough Decision” advert

Sergei in “Sick Sergei”

“Sergei joins the circus”

“Sergei Juggles”

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