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Special Agent Maiya is a secret spy for the Meerkovo government, although now retired it is rumored that she still takes jobs on the side to her usual primary school teacher day job. She is believed to have taken down some really evil Meerkats and Mongooses in her day. She is like the wind and you won’t see her coming!

Past jobs:

Primary School fashion teacher


Taking down baddies!

Special Agent Maiya is a Meerkat Soft Toy created by the website and insurance comparison company Compare the Market. Compare the Market provide insurance quotes from hundreds of reputable insurance companies. You can get your free Maiya Soft toy buy ordering an insurance package via their website.

Buy Special Agent Maiya Meerkat Toy From Amazon

You can purchase your Special Agent Maiya from Amazon which is the worlds safest most secure market place. You can expect to pay a little more than you would on Ebay however you know 100% you will receive your soft toy. You will also be able to read reviews from people who have purchased the special agent maiya soft meerkat toy!

Buy Special Agent Maiya Meerkat Toy From Ebay

If you want to grab a bargain you can check out the listings below from Ebay, special agent Maiya is for sale everywhere! Please remember to always set a figure in mind and stick to your budget.

If  you are about to buy the special agent maiya toy then make sure she is boxed complete with the ear tag attached and has the certificate of authenticity!

What is Special Agent Maiya Toy worth/value

Maiya the special agent spy meerkat limited edition toy, sells for between £8 and £15 we would advise you to budget around £12 to buy one. Also we would recommend waiting to the last few seconds of the auction and placing your maximum bid to ensure you get it for the cheapest possible price.

Special Agent Maiya Videos

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