Compare the Market Sergei Superman Meerkat Movies Limited Edition Toy

Buy Superman Sergei Limited Edition Meerkat Toy.


Super Sergei Meerkat ToyAfter months of wondering if and when they would be back, Compare the market insurance company have finally released some more wonderful toys for you to collect, but they won’t be around forever as these are limited edition toys in honor of the new Superman vs Batman movie, and are “available while stocks last” The loveable Sergei has now took a trip to Kryptonite and has become Superman Sergei Meerkat. This is all part of the “Meerkat Movies” promotion.

Super-Sergei Past jobs:

Soviet Space Station : Head of Principle design
Meerkovo Meertronics: Technician
Meerkat Tales: Sergeis Space Adventure

New Job:



Calculating, Tetris, World Of Meerkats, Crosswords and listening to Dolly Parton, Saving the world and firing lasers from his eyes!

Buy Super Sergei Meerkat Toy From Ebay

As in the past the new limited edition toys are highly sort after, the last time I see them reaching these kind of prices were when the Safari Oleg was released, however I actually really do believe the Super Hero Meerkats have been well worth the wait. If you want to get your hands on one of these without purchasing the insurance, then you’re going to have to be prepared to either enter the bidding wars, or find a quick buy it now on Ebay. Remember to set yourself a budget and be patient, you will get your hands on the Super Sergei Meerkat eventually!


Buy Sergei Meerkat Toy From Amazon

As of yet there are no Super Sergei toys for sale on Amazon. I will keep you updated though as I know a lot of you like to buy your meerkats from Amazon as you feel safer doing so.


What is the value of Super Sergei Limited edition Meerkat Toy?

The compare the market insurance Super-Sergei Toy at the moment because of the limited edition status and the “while stocks last” is currently fetching a premium value on ebay, some selling for as high as ¬£80.

When buying the Super Man Sergei Meerkat toy make sure it comes with the box, ear tag and a Certificate of Authenticity. Always check the sellers reputation first before entering into the bidding process.

Videos of Super Sergei Meerkat in action.

They seem to have kept these ones to a minimal advertising campaign as well which makes me think that they may not have many in stock. So you better be quick if you want to own your very own Limited edition Super Hero Meerkat toys.

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