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Vassily was once a rockstar Meerkat, and had huge success in his band until he was dropped for playing too many solos half way through the songs. He runs the local record store in Meerkovo although he is now retired he still sometimes likes to have a jam after a few beers!

Past jobs:

Rock Star : Motley Klaw
Owner : Record Shop (still active)


Motorbike Riding, drinking beer.

Vassily is a Meerkat toy created by the company Compare the an online insurance comparison service. You can get the meerkats free by ordering your insurance with them.

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When you are looking for Vassily Meerkat toys, make sure that it is complete with the tag attached to it’s ear, and comes boxed with the certificate of authenticity!

What is Vassily Meerkat Toy Worth? Value of.

The Vassily Meerkat toy generally sells for between £8 and £15 based on ebay completed listings so we would advise you to budget £12 to ensure you get a bargain. Try to wait until the very end of the auction before bidding and bag a bargain in the very last few seconds.

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