Where can I buy Jelly Belly Bean Boozled?

What is Jelly Belly Bean Boozled?


Jelly Belly Bean Boozled

Jelly Belly Bean Boozled is the brand new trending game created by Jelly Belly. It’s a russian roulette style game where players take it in turn to spin a wheel, the wheel is full of Jelly Beans. The catch is the yummy tasting beans also have a counter part bean which is nasty and Gross. Which will you eat?

Where can I buy Jelly Belly Bean Boozled?

You can buy Bean Boozled from many places on the internet or in high street stores. Be warned though the game has become that popular that there have been reports of high street stores being out of stock. You can buy Bean Boozled from Amazon and Ebay though for a great price. Both links to the best priced Bean Boozled games are below!


What is the Jelly Belly Bean Boozled Challenge?

With the Bean Boozled game becoming so popular as of late, people have been uploading videos of them playing the game and there reactions to eating the gross tasting beans thus the Bean Boozled Challenge was born. Check out the Youtube playlist we have included below.

How do you play Bean Boozled?

There are a few ways of playing the bean boozled challenge the most popular ways being the spinning wheel game. Players take it in turn to spin a wheel, which ever bean the spinning wheel lands on is the bean you will have to eat. The catch is it might not be that yummy tasty bean you want it to be it may be the gross counterpart, like Vomit, or babywipes!

The second popular way of playing is via the dispenser. It’s a tub of beans and once you pop the lid a bean will come out. Eat the bean and try not to throw up!

Who are Jelly Belly?

The company Jelly belly was once known as Herman Goelitz who introduced the jelly bean and hundreds of flavours years and years ago. They later rebranded to Jelly Belly and are based in Califormia. They also have a plant in Thailand where they make the beans for an international customer base.

What Flavours are in the game Bean Boozled?

These are the flavours available in the Bean Boozled game.

Berry Blue – Gross Counterpart – Toothpaste
Buttered popcorn – Gross Counterpart – Rotten Egg
Caramel Corn – Gross Counterpart – Mouldy Cheese
Chocolate Pudding – Gross Counterpart – Canned Dog Food
Coconut – Gross Counterpart – Babywipes
Juicy Pear – Gross Counterpart – Booger
Lime – Gross Counterpart – Lawn Clippings
Licorice – Gross Counterpart – Skunk Spray
Peach – Gross Counterpart – Barf/Puke
Tutti-Fruity – Gross Counterpart – Stinky Socks

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