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Yakov is a pleasant Meerkat who works in the toy industry as chief toy maker in the village of Meerkovo he claims to be the inventor of the very first Pogo Stick but he has no proofings. His favorite snack is a packet of pickled onion crisps. Although he comes across as a shy Meerkat it is rumored that he is often seen with lady Meerkats hanging of his paw! Yakov Meerkat has many adventures with the meerkat family!

Past jobs:

Chief Toy Maker : Toy Shop (still active)


Salsa Dancing, Lady Meerkats

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If you do not like to use Ebay and enter in to auctions then you can buy your Yakov toy straight away without waiting direct from Amazon.co.uk which again is a 100% safe way of buying your Meerkat toy. While using Amazon you can also read what other happy purchasers have to say about the toy by reading the consumer reviews ,here’s a couple:

“Yakov is great, he will be joining me on my journey to Egypt next week, and will not be needing his passport”

“Very fast delivery, great quality, great toy”

“My Favorite Meerkat from Compare the Market.com”

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Ebay is one of the best places to get your Meerkat Toy, if you do not want to  commit to taking out an insurance policy, then you can visit our EBay listings below and purchase your toy from there. Ebay is 100% Safe and the buyer always has protection.

When buying the Yakov Meerkat toy always check that he has his box and certificate of authenticity and glasses attached to his head with ear tag.

What is Yakov Meerkat Worth? Value of Yakov

Yakov  generally sells for around £9 – £25 on Ebay £9 was the lowest we found and £25 the highest. If you are buying always remember to stay in control  of your bidding set an amount and stick to it, place bids at the very end of the auction by entering the max amount you want to spend, for Yakov we recommend budgeting no more than £18 but try to get him for around £14

Yakov Videos

“Yakov is hard at work on Coronation Street”

“Yakov’s Toyshop”


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